Call for applications

The Stallergenes Greer Foundation aims to create healthier futures for all. As we strongly believe in the key role of scientific research to bolster innovation, in 2023 we will allocate a total of €150,000 to encourage and support outstanding and cutting-edge work led either by a young scientist or a mid-career scientist in the field of allergy, or outstanding work in the environmental field to advance the prevention and management of allergies.

  • Innovation Awards
    Fostering scientific breakthroughs in allergy requires novel approaches by both fundamental and clinical research to better understand the mechanisms of allergic diseases and to translate these advances into improved care for all.

    Two Innovation awards will be presented either to encourage and raise the profile of a young scientist (below 40 years of age), or recognize the outstanding work of a mid-career scientist (10 to 20 years track record), who are driving innovation in respiratory and food allergy.


  • Environmental Health Award
    While genetics has a significant influence on the development of allergic diseases, environmental exposures must be considered and is the subject of extensive research. Understanding the different mechanisms at work and the way they interact is thus an important health and environmental issue. 

    The Environmental Health Award recognizes the work of a researcher who is pioneering research aimed at preserving and restoring both natural and built ecosystems and contributing to advancing the prevention and treatment of allergies.


Should you wish to submit an application to the Stallergenes Greer Foundation, please follow these steps:

1. Check that you are eligible for the Science Awards for Allergy
Ensure that your research is consistent with the Foundation’s focus areas and that your submission meets the application selection criteria.

2. Create your account
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3. Prepare your application
Please fill in the online form completely and accurately.

4. Submit the requested documents by uploading them to your “Application space”.
These documents are mandatory; any incomplete application will not be considered. You can continue to work on your files as long as you have not submitted your application. Please click on the "Save" button after modifying your application or deleting or uploading attachments.

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